Who we are?

Netclearance Systems, Inc. Our Preferred Partner in Secure At Work, is the leading provider of cloud-based in-venue mobile proximity marketing, engagement and analytics solutions, offers state-of-the-art wireless proximity beacon technology and software to drive real-time customer and workplace insight for optimized decisions and increased margins. Founded in 2011, Netclearance is headquartered in San Diego, California.

We are a technology company located in the sunny city of Barcelona with over 8 years of experience helping companies with processes, systems , helping them to achieve greater efficiency with higher productivity using the technologies at our disposal.

CodiTramuntana is a consultancy which specializes in providing high quality and added value in information technology.

CodiTramuntana has been founded by high experienced technicians. We are a team which specializes in key fields of the IT industry, with the capacity to obtain excellent results in all challenges we face.

CodiTramuntana is headquartered in Girona, Spain.